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Welcome to the Busara Wiki, or B: Wiki. Why do we have a B: Wiki? Knowledge management is hard, but the world's best organizations invest in getting it right. So much so that there are annual awards for the world' best intranets! It may not solve all the problems and questions have straight away, but we think of our wiki as a growing living garden of our information, not a statue, and so as it grows it will grow for you.    

What's on the Wiki?[edit]

As we launch, the B:Wiki is going to feel a bit lean, especially for our more seasoned Busara community team members. Our focus is on getting our documents that affect the most people, across the most departments, up here first. That means you can find our most important policies, like our Policy on Sexual Harassment for example, as well as a welcome introduction to how we share information and things like where to go to fill out your timesheet each week. We also have information up already like what our cash float policy is if you are working on a project where that tool could be helpful for you, or maybe you want to know how to make an inventory request through the Hub. We are are constantly adding more tools and information each day.    


Information is organized by Category[edit]

We have chosen an information architecture system at our first level of organizing information, which stores information on the Wiki by the department which you would be engaging with to find it. For now, our information here relates to each other in a hierarchy like this:

Operations & People


  • Advisory
  • Research

Software & Data

  • Data Analysis
  • Programming


  • Design
  • Policy Outreach


  • Research

You can also use the quick links on the left of the page to navigate directly, and you can click the B:Wiki icon to get back here to the home page.


Use the Search Bar[(404) 644-4067]

If you can’t find it through our hierarchy, or the links on the permanent left side bar, you can also enter a key word in the search bar on the top right of each page, that may be in, or relate to, what you are looking for. If you see the option appear in a drop-down list as you type, feel free to click on it directly, otherwise you can press your enter bar after typing and you will be taken to a landing page with your search results. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to search our Knowledge Management slack channel, or leave us feedback about what you couldn’t find.    


We are always updating, so let us know what you want[edit]

Two important things to note. First, we want you to know that we are in a constant process of adding more documents and information every week. So if something you are looking for isn’t here yet, let us know by leaving feedback here and we’ll make it a priority. It may be that you know of a policy, proposal example, template, or any other document that people find useful that we missed, so you’d be helping the whole team by letting us know. Second, and expanding on the above, feedback is key. As we said, getting knowledge management right can be hard. Part of the reason it’s so hard is that people have different and unique ways of locating, navigating, storing, relating and updating information. We want this to be a tool that is useful to as much of the Busara community. Please leave us feedback on what that would look and feel like to you.    


Want to contribute something to the Wiki?[edit]

As B:Wiki continues to grow and meet our knowledge management needs, we would love to encourage contributors to get on board. You may have a one-off new article? you would like to add, or become an on-going contributor with information on a policy update, a template you’d like to add or renew, or maybe an article on a research topic or data science. We are open to suggestions and would love to hear from you. You can leave feedback through the feedback form and make sure to leave your contact details at the end, or you can email our Strategy Operations Associate at


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