DB-Automation manufactures high quality, high performance automation systems for injection moulding businesses globally.  Since 2009 we have developed our reputation for delivering Automation Excellence without compromise.  

Through simplified concepts we provide bespoke systems for moulding process, providing efficiency, quality and reliability, integral to every design.

16 Jan 2018

Developed for the closures market is a unique and innovative method for reducing cycle time and increasing the productivity of the ‘closures’ moulding process.We realise that just like all injection moulding processes, the key to increased production is short mould open times, optimised de-mould movements and efficient processes.With this design brief we developed a system which would ... ... MORE

4 Oct 2016

DB-Automation’s first ever Technology Event that took place on Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th September 2016 was an outstanding success! There was a superb turnout and with so many interested people coming together to see the displays, it made all the preparation and organisation worthwhile. The partners who came to show their displays and demonstrations were Dyne Technology Limited, KUKA Rob... 7739374475

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